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Yoga Teacher Training in Bali 2015 Adventure

Excitement is building as we approach our first annual Yoga Teacher Training in Bali 2015 Immersion!

Whether you are interested in becoming a yoga teacher or simply itching to get off -island and go to Bali with an amazing group of peers, this trip is for you!

Who Is Invited to Share this Experience with Us?

We were delightfully surprised to find that yoga teachers are not the only ones interested in joining our pilgrimage.

Originally, the trip was designed for yoga practitioners who have completed any 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Accredited teacher training and want to embark on our 9-month, 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. We have a beautiful group of teachers who will be completing the first module of the 300 Hour Teacher Training in Bali but many others have decided to join us as well.

Spouses, adult children, friends and individuals craving a meaningful group trip to Bali…all are welcome!

Travelers who will not be participating in the 300 Hour Teacher Training will join us for yoga in the mornings and evenings, if desired, and will have their days free to explore.

A reduced rate is available for those not participating in the training program.

Why Gift Yourself with this Retreat?

When was the last time you dedicated 10 days to yourself? Our guess is it has been a long time (and perhaps, never!)

Removing ourselves from our daily reality while shifting our entire focus to yoga and self-care brings invaluable benefits. When we are free from the pressures of our daily existence, space opens in our body, mind and spirit for fresh insights and new perspectives that can change the way we experience the world forever.

We pull our energy in and open ourselves to receive Divine information and inspiration. Clutter is cleared and quantum leaps are made!

Focusing on our growth during a spiritual retreat affirms to the Universe that we are committed to our path. The Universe meets us with equal measures of support and guidance to help us realize our fullest potential.

And this is true if you will be joining us for the yoga teacher training or just joining us as a traveler. Gifts await anyone courageous enough to dedicate 10 days of their life to the nourishment of their body, mind and soul.

Why Bali?

In a place that has been referred to as “Disneyland for Yoga Practitioners,” you will immerse yourself in all things yoga.

And there is a reason why most people interested in yoga end up feeling called to visit Bali! Hinduism is the main religion in Bali and yoga has its foundation in this religious tradition. The yogic teachings are indivisible from their Hindu roots.

Hindu deities (especially our favorite, Ganesha!), elaborate ceremonies and rituals, and the obvious creativity of a profoundly inspired culture remind us of our connection to the past.

It is an opportunity to experience a deeply rooted tradition and for culture-starved Americans like many of us, to tap into this ancient pulse.

We will be staying in a peaceful, idyllic setting that sets an inspiring backdrop to the work we will be doing.

What Will We Experience?

Our days will begin with an energizing vinyasa flow yoga session followed by a hearty, organic breakfast (vegetarian options available). Students participating in the training will then begin their studies while non-students will be able to take their picnic lunch for a day of exploration…

Walk through rice fields, go rafting through dense tropical rain forests, learn how to make beautiful, elaborate Balinese offerings, join a community Ecstatic Dance class, stroll through the Sacred Monkey Forest, or bathe yourself in a sound or energy healing. Bali is your oyster!

We will all come together in the afternoon for Balinese tea service before dinner. End the day with a calming and restorative yoga session and retire in your cozy, eco bungalow.

All participants will receive a 1-hour Balinese massage and will participate in two creative workshops taught by local community members. Our first workshop will be Balinese cooking and we will learn the art of basket weaving in our second!

Want to REALLY Blow It Out?

The Bali Spirit Festival, a global celebration of yoga, dance and music, is happening right after our retreat. Join us in a private villa and enjoy this spiritual, energy-charged event with us!

This festival features the world’s best in health, yoga, lifestyle, wellbeing, world music, community and social change and provides unique opportunities to experience personal shift and transformation.

This event is not included in the retreat tuition. We have only a few spots left in our villa so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to join!

Is It Too Late To Sign Up?

NO! It is not too late! We do have a few spaces left and would love to answer any of your questions. Please see the event page for more details and email us at frontdesk@mangalamaui.com OR call 808-359-2252 with your inquiries.

We are thrilled offer this experience to our community and welcome you to join us for this adventure of a lifetime!

Click here to learn more about your 2015 Bali Yoga Teacher Training Program.

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