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Bali Yoga Teacher Training Intensive: The Magic of Bali

Magic in the Air…

Wild. Fun. Intense. And most notably…MAGICAL.

These are words that clearly capture the essence of our recent 100 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Intensive. This intensive is a part of our modular 300 Hour Yoga Teaching Program.

Synchronistic events followed us everywhere we went, creating a truly enchanting experience. These serendipitous events assured us all that we were in the right place at the right time. We felt aligned and on purpose and we knew that deeply transformative work was happening for each and every one of us.

Maureen Gildersleeve, owner of Mangala Yoga and lead teacher of the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, described the 100 Hour Bali Yoga Teacher Training Intensive experience like this:

“It was so satisfying to see everything that we were talking about manifesting in real time. I believe we were so magically supported in Bali and we had space for this magic to actually reveal itself. That is priceless! You can’t try to make that happen, or look for it to happen, it’s just there in such a fantastic way in Bali.”

The trip was such a wonderful success that we will, without a doubt, be offering the same opportunity in 2016. If you are feeling called to participate in the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training or simply to visit Bali, start making plans now to join us next year!

And in the meantime, come and take a journey with us as we share the highlights of our adventure…

The Setting

Upon arriving, we instantaneously felt the vibration of Bali Yoga Accommodationsthe land beneath our feet. It felt ancient yet alive, and the more we tapped into its resonance, the more intensely we felt its power.

Our bungalows were set in a jungle teeming with life on a remote mountainside, amongst the rice fields. Orchids grew up the walls of our bungalows and the space masterfully integrated the nature that surrounded us everywhere.

Simplicity, artistry, graciousness, meticulous attention to detail, and beauty enveloped us, creating the perfect setting to focus entirely on our experience.

bali550The retreat center had a natural spring on property so we could actually swim in the rivers, waterfalls and creeks, drink directly from the faucet, and shower in the clean water. It was a true “Ecovacation” with permaculture on site and beautiful organic food.

And immersing ourselves in a culture so connected to nature, deities, and Hinduism was perfect for our yoga intensive, as these are the ingredients that make up the heart and soul of yoga.

The “Sacred Pause”

We considered the time away from our busy, everyday lives a very necessary and powerfully transformative, “Sacred Pause.”

The environment enabled us to soften enough to absorb, understand, and embody the information in a much deeper way than is possible amongst the distractions of our daily lives.

We had the opportunity to press pause on our lives and Bali_staff-girlsdive deep into our personal and professional development. This precious gift we gave ourselves offered tremendous rewards for the body, mind and soul!

We also had an opportunity to slow down and observe the beautiful, devotional culture of the Balinese people. The reverent way they go about their day, their tasks, the preparation and serving of food, the hospitality they extended to us…witnessing this helped us bring an even more dedicated approach to our training.

The Flow

The Bali yoga intensive was thoughtfully designed to include plenty of space for work, play and nourishment.

Everyday, we woke up in silence and maintained this silence until we all met for our morning meditation, daily mudra and chant practice. We practiced the same chant for a full 10 days, which enabled us to go really deep, align with the energy and experience the chant’s transformative effects.

Next, we did 60 minutes of yoga asanas followed by a deliciously prepared, healthy breakfast.

Late mornings and afternoons were dedicated to our studies and an additional asana practice. Balinese snack time in the late afternoon gave us an opportunity to change venues and taste the sweetness of Balinese cuisine.

BALI 597Our time studying and practicing yoga was balanced with adventures that enabled us to go off-property and see the sites of beautiful Bali.

Maureen also felt is was very important to include an entire day of silence in the flow of our 10 days,

“The day of silence was a time for them to journal and do a lot of self inquiry. They were able to ask themselves questions like, ‘Who am I? Who am I as a person? Who am I as a teacher? What do I have to offer the world?’ They also got massages and could walk around the rice fields…it was a time toward the end of the 10 days to really reveal themselves to themselves, so they could reveal themselves to the world in this highest form of teaching.”

This day was full of the usual Bali magic as the weather completely cooperated with our intention to go within. The pouring rain serenaded our silent meditation day and supported our inner exploration.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The teacher training was interactive, deep, and intense. Even Anita Johnson, our beloved yoga teacher and Mangala Studio Manager, was blown away with the newness and depth of the training, even though she has been integral in putting the modules together!

“Being close with Maureen and working with her on a regular basis, I get to see her as a business owner, a friend and a yoga teacher. But I haven’t allowed myself to sit and train and receive from her in a really long time. Once we were there and settled, and Maureen took her seat as a teacher, it was very clear that there was going to be a lot of knowledge and teachings passed down. Just when you think you know, or you’ve heard it all because you have been studying and teaching on your own, you get to be blown away! It was remarkable how much helpful, new information was conveyed to us.”

BALI 397You can read more about the specific details of the content covered in the yoga teacher training here. However, by virtue of us being off-site for this module of the teacher training, there are some aspects that deserve highlighting:

  1. The small, intimate group created an interactive training with lots of lively discussion.
  2. Everyone has a different style of learning –some like to listen, others to read, some need information in a very hands on way–all learning styles were considered in the presentation of the material.
  3. There was a lot of opportunity for self-study and reflection.
  4. We had a chance to work together as a group on a new sequence and support each other in the training process.
  5. We presented the sequence individually and received feedback from Maureen and the group so we could finesse and expand on our teaching.
  6. We experienced a fundamental shift in our teaching as we moved from the the “what” or “how” to the WHY behind the movements.
  7. Had a chance to dig deep into the Bhagavad Gita, the source for the philosophical foundations of yoga.

A big reason many signed up for the training was to build momentum in starting their morning practice – a most important morning ritual. Maureen commented on this aspect,

“Many people joined the teacher training in Bali because they wanted to rejuvenate their own, personal morning ritual. We created a sequence together so now they have a tool for both their teaching and their morning practice that they can use.”

In addition, there is something so bonding about sleeping, praying and meditating with each other. This is a special gift we will treasure forever. The supportive, group energy that was created will always be available to us.

The yoga teacher training was full, challenging, and highly rewarding!


Although we do offer this teacher training module on Maui, we highly encourage you to take advantage of the Bali 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training Intensive next year, if it is at all in the realm of possibility for you! These hours do apply to our 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Registration is open! Follow the link  for more details and secure your spot with a $900 deposit.

For more information email:  frontdesk@mangalamaui.com or call 808-359-2252, ask for Anita.



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