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The Winds of Change: A Hui Hou Maureen!


Intuition and the Winds of Change

Most likely, you have experienced this phenomenon…

You’re cruising along in life, in a good flow, finally feeling some semblance of stability and…BAM! You’re perspective shifts in an instant, your world is turned around by a new relationship, or you’re overcome by a nagging feeling that you’re ready for something fresh and new…

Our brave and bold Mangala Yoga Studio owner, Maureen, calls this phenomenon “the winds of change.” And she has learned through experience that it is best to heed the beckoning call for change that these winds bring forth.

“Every time I have fought the winds of change, it has come back to bite me! And every time I have allowed the winds to inspire change, and have gone for it even when I am unclear about ‘why,’ it has always manifested in ways that I could never dream up on my own or put on a vision board.”

Maureen has learned that these winds of change are actually her intuition, speaking to her in subtle (and not so subtle) ways. And that the changes are happening for bigger reasons that are only revealed with the passing of time.

“That’s my intuition, my higher self, that’s the reflection of what God is for me. I don’t ignore it anymore…and the winds of change have come for me again.”

And although Maureen could give us a long list of reasons why she is moving to Colorado at the end of this month, after a 5 year love affair with Maui, the truth is that the winds of change are calling her name.

“Here on the island, I can talk about something bigger calling me and people will understand what that means because a lot of us here have that same experience. Many of us are here BECAUSE the winds of change blew through our lives at some point.”

What does this mean for our Maui yoga studio?

As is normally the case, and unbeknownst to us, we have been putting the mechanisms in place to enable such a change for years. And Maureen’s physical presence is no longer needed for the studio to run seamlessly.

We have an incredible team that includes Anita, who has been running the business side of the studio from the beginning, Anne-Marie who is the Assistant Manager, Naima the Program Coordinator and Jade who is helping with marketing and community outreach.

Since Maureen has been focusing primarily on yoga teacher trainings, she has a great group of instructors at Mangala Yoga Maui teaching weekly classes.

And better yet, Maureen’s move might possibly mean expansion for all of us! Although this is not set in stone, there are tentative plans to open a new yoga studio in Telluride, CO. Maureen says about this possibility:

“In the future, there may be another studio that our Maui community can come and participate in. I’m very open about that right now, open to however it manifests. But In the end, I hope it will be an expansion of community space but for us all.”

A Final Message From Maureen

“I don’t see this as an end! Since living on the island, I have done quite a bit of traveling and every time I return to Maui, I am reminded of the nectar, the sweetness of this community. It is so satisfying and complete! I adore this island and our community. I look forward to seeing everyone again on my frequent visits back to the island.“

Maureen will be back to conduct yoga teacher trainings several times a year. In addition, she will be leading the Fall Teacher Training Intensive and the Bali Yoga Retreat & Intensive  next Spring.

“We will continue to be on this journey together and I am thrilled that this is the case!”

Questions, Comments and Well-Wishes for Maureen

We are here to support you and as a valuable member of our community, we are here to answer any questions you might have regarding Maureen’s move (or anything else for that matter!)

Please direct questions and comments here:

Please “friend” Maureen on Facebook and leave personal comments for her there: Maureen Gildersleeve (

We love you, Maureen! We look forward to hearing about your new adventures when you return to our magical island. A hui hou!


The Mangala Yoga Team




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