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5 Ways Yoga Will Transform Your Life!

More than just a workout to recover from an over-indulgent weekend or a method for looking better on the beach…yoga has the power to literally transform your life.

Sounds like a bold statement…and it is!

But we believe it to be 100% true.

We have EXPERIENCED it to be true in our own lives…

And WITNESSED its truth in the lives of countless students.

Everyone experiences yoga differently but with consistent practice, yoga has the power to:


  1. Increase Your Flexibility, Balance and Strength

You can expect increases in flexibility, balance and strength in the body with the consistent practice of yoga and we have seen many miraculous recoverie
s from chronic and acute physical pain.

  1. But the transformation doesn’t stop at the physical body. Because changes that happen in the physical body are also mirrored in the mental and emotional bodies, the practice of yoga has a three-fold effect.

As the muscles and tissues of the body become more stable and open, so do our thoughts and emotions. This results in a more balanced and easeful feeling in our lives.


  1. Reduce Stress

Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to experience stress while living on Maui!

As all of us who live here can attest to…

And yoga is the perfect antidote to any stress that you may be challenged with in your life.When we are stressed, our sympathetic, or “fight or flight” state gets activated (dumping cortisol into our bloodstream.) Excess cortisol in the bloodstream can results in ulcers, high blood pressure, bone density loss, immune system disorders and weight gain.

When we are calm and at peace, the parasympathetic system, or “rest and digest” state, is activated. The parasympathetic system is responsible for the day-to-day functions that keep our body systems running smoothly, helping us feel balanced and vital.

The challenge is that these two systems are activated automatically based on our response to external and internal stimuli…

But yoga has a solution for us! Through consistent practice calming and controlling our breath, we learn how to consciously move into the parasympathetic state…thereby allowing our minds and bodies to get some relief.

One needs to look no further than the faces of students after a yoga class to see a dramatic illustration of this! Or better yet, observe the “before and after” difference in your own and your peers’ demeanor, energy, and facial expressions after 75-90 minutes of practicing yoga.

We have the benefit of being able to do this daily and it never ceases to amaze!


  1. Tame “Monkey Mind”

We often say that yoga is really all about the breath…

And this is so true!

The practice of yoga teaches us how to breath mindfully, which not only helps us relieve stress through the activation of the parasympathetic system, but also helps us calm the busy “Monkey Mind.”

When we place our focus on our breath, fewer thoughts are produced at slower rates, helping us clear the excess noise.

Having a clear mind helps us to become less reactive and more “responsive,” resulting in better decision-making, increased creativity, and enhanced clarity.


  1. Teach Calm Through Discomfort

We often hear that the only thing we can count on in life is change.

And because change generally brings us into the territory of the unknown, it can be highly uncomfortable!

Learning to work with change and the resulting discomfort it can bring, instead of resisting it, can truly transform the way we move through our lives…

And learning to work with discomfort on the mat, gives us the opportunity to practice peacefully working through discomfort off the mat.

We learn to focus, breathe, and eventually surrender into the pose…

A perfect set of action steps for working through life’s uncomfortable challenges.


  1. Provide a “Training Ground” for Life

Throughout our practice of yoga, we have the opportunity to move in and out of poses with names like warrior, tree, dancer, humble warrior, happy baby…

We do inversions, enabling us to see the world from another perspective…

We flow, we balance, we stretch ourselves, and through it all we breathe…

These movements provide us with the opportunity to EMBODY the spiritual qualities (strength, humility, compassion, forgiveness, joy) that we may be seeking to cultivate.

Every time we participate in a yoga class, we have the opportunity to experience what it feels like to move through our life with more harmony, balance and grace.

And with this experience, we are more capable of tapping into the essence of these qualities in our daily life.


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Yoga has a way of transforming its students – some slow and steady over time and others in a more rapid and intense manner.

But regardless of the timing, we can say this with certainty…with consistent practice of yoga, you and your life will never be the same…

And we know that you’ll agree that you will be better for its role in your life!








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