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Astrology and Your Yoga Journey: Why The Stars Are in Alignment

If you have been on the fence about starting or re-committing to your yoga practice…

Or taking your studies of yoga to the next level…

There is a recent astrological phenomenon that is urging you to do so…now more than ever!

On August 11, 2015, Jupiter left the sign of Leo (which it had occupied for a year) and entered the sign of Virgo. Jupiter will be in Virgo until September 9, 2016…

What does Jupiter in Virgo have to do with Yoga?

Actually…A LOT!


A simplified breakdown of the energies of Jupiter in Virgo is health and body (Virgo) meet spirit (Jupiter).

Virgo also rules practice, discipline, and embodiment.

And Jupiter is a spiritual archetype that has a higher purpose, supporting us to tap into our interconnectivity with each other and linking us to a larger whole.

So put Virgo and Jupiter together, and you will see that the energy is 100% supportive of our commitment to practices for the body that have a spiritual intention to connect us with ourselves, each other and the rest of the Universe.


Sound a little like Yoga? We think so!


This is the year to take the leap and really commit to integrating your efforts toward greater health and the deepening of your spiritual practice.

And the good news is that the energy of this time rewards commitment and discipline the most, so even if we take small steps, we will reap huge rewards.

“So roll up your sleeves and get to it — Jupiter will amplify your efforts, reward your commitment, support your perseverance.” Natasha Alter, (http://www.astrologyhub.com/jupiter-in-virgo-when-push-comes-to-shove/)

And with over 50 classes per week between our Makawao and Haiku locations, we are making it easy for you to commit to your yoga practice! Click here to view the schedules…

Plan the classes into your schedule, arrange child-care, carve out the time…discipline is key and now is the time!


Considering Getting Certified as A Yoga Instructor?

The other notable phenomenon is that Jupiter is the archetype for higher education and knowledge. So the energy is completely auspicious for any efforts you take to integrate spirituality with the body AND higher education!

If it is a dream of yours, but you have been on the fence about pursuing a yoga teacher training, this is definitely an ideal time to do so.

The island of Maui offers many opportunities for teacher trainings so whether you decide to study with us, or attend another teacher training, you’re sure to be supported.

And if you ARE interested in pursuing training with us, you’re in luck! We have two trainings that will be taking place within the Jupiter in Virgo window:

Now is the time to bring those dreams into manifest form!
Plan it in, start working toward it, and surrender to the flow of the Universe as it carries you in the direction of vibrant health, a deeper spiritual connection and the manifestation of your dreams.


Why Integrate Astrology Into Our Blog?

We are all about FLOW at Mangala Yoga…

Creating the ideal flow for our yoga classes, flowing with the energies of each group that shows up to practice, changing the flow in the studios to avoid stagnant energy…

And doing our best to align with the changing energies of the Universe through the application of Astrology is just another expression of our FLOWY nature!


We Love to Hear From You!

Have questions about our classes or upcoming yoga teacher training in Hawaii or our Bali yoga intensives? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We really do love to hear from you and do our best to get back to all inquiries within 24-48 hours: frontdesk@mangalamaui.com .


Yours in the Flow,

The Mangala Yoga Team

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