Embracing our shadow

As the days grow shorter and colder, you may be presented with challenging experiences or unsettling thoughts that help reveal the shadowy aspects of yourself.

Instead of attempting to stuff down or flee the uncomfortable feelings that arise in the presence of the shadow, a healthier option may be to welcome the experience as an opportunity to discover more of who you are, and let illusions fall away.

When you’re ready to embrace your shadow as an ally, consider this:

We live in a world of duality: There is no light without shadow, and shadow presents an opportunity to shine the light of being into the darkness of illusions. Those who attempt to walk the path of light at all times may inadvertently attract dark forces to balance their energy. By embracing the darkness within, we can create more balance in our lives and space for more harmonious relationships.

Thoughts are not real: As important as they seem, our thoughts are not real. They are projections, possibilities, and ponderings, which can be silenced at any time to return to the perfection of this moment. Many shadows we fight against are the product of overactive imaginations. If you can’t silence your thoughts, at least redirect them toward what you would like to create or achieve.

All things pass: Even the darkest nights end with a glimmer of light on the horizon. In times of fear or uncertainty, take a moment to close your eyes, quiet your mind, and breathe into the full awareness of your being. As you connect with your wise I Am presence, circumstances may begin to magically work themselves out, or you’ll gain an elevated perspective that helps you experience greater detachment and peaceful acceptance.

Love your shadow for the gifts it brings as you learn to shine the light of consciousness into the dark corners of your life.

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