True Love Begins Within

Our external reality is a reflection of our internal truth. If you want to attract more love in your life, start by cultivating a greater love of yourself.

How can you love yourself more deeply?

Think about how you express your love to others. If it’s through words of affection, consider adopting a mantra of self-love and appreciation. If it’s through presence, spend some quality time alone. However you enjoy nurturing others, nurture yourself.

Be mindful of negative thoughts you have about yourself. If you get pulled into a mental cycle of self-judgment, lovingly steer your thoughts in a more positive and productive direction. Spending a few minutes in child’s pose or embryo pose may help assist with a mental reset.

Forgive yourself for any regrets or “mistakes” you’re still lugging around. Consider using a practice like Ho’oponopono to wipe out your perceived karmic debts and associated negative thought patterns. When regrets arise, replace them with the mantra: “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

If you have any fourth chakra issues that make it difficult to fully open yourself to experiencing love, consider the meaning of the Sanskrit term for the heart chakra, anahata, which is unhurt and unbeaten. Our hearts are more resilient than we can imagine. Yoga poses that open your chest also help balance your anahata chakra, enabling you to give and receive love more easily.

Remember that you can only love others as well as you love yourself. It’s not selfish to take time to refresh your wellspring of love so that you can love more deeply. Lovers may come and go, but the love you invest in yourself lasts a lifetime.

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