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Yoga and Freedom

Yoga and Freedom

Yoga has a way of bringing about a sense of freedom. Through our movement and breath we catch glimpses of moksha. (Moksha is the sanskrit word for emancipation, enlightenment, liberation, and release). Although many of these moments are fleeting, we strive to tap into this liberation more regularly and steadily.

How else can we access this feeling?

We can start small by immersing ourselves in nature and go further by liberating ourselves from a dramatic story from a few days or months ago. Through this sometimes challenging work we feel lighter and able to step forward in our lives more freely.

With tomorrows Independence Day, although many may feel the furthest thing from free or liberated, let’s collectively work on cultivating this freedom so it may have a ripple effect beyond our island and canyon homes.

However you choose to acknowledge this coming holiday, please hold compassion and kindness for those who may still feel bound.

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