New Student Tips


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Upon Arrival: Plan on arriving 15 minutes early to sign-in, pay, and get your spot. Please remember to print clearly on the sign-in sheet.

Late Arrivals: Arriving late not only throws you off, but everyone else as well. In case life throws you a curve ball and you arrive late, please wait until after the chanting to enter into the studio.

Cell Phones: Please remember to turn off your cell phone prior to class.

Scents: Do not wear any perfume or cologne—we will be breathing deeply and many people are sensitive to scents.

Injuries or Pregnancy: If you are pregnant or have any injuries please let the teacher know prior to class, so that they can help you modify certain postures.

Leaving Early: If you need to leave before class is over, please do so after a short Shavasana for 2-3 minutes. This is an important part of the practice. Also, remember to leave quietly so that you do not disturb other students.

Mat Rentals: Mat rentals are available at the studio for $2.00. Please remember to wipe the mat down after use, neatly roll it up and return it to the front desk.