Our Vision


Mangala Yoga is dedicated to the creation of auspicious beginnings for all who grace us with their presence. We strive to create a sacred opening every time you enter our studio doors, complete a yoga class, join us for a workshop, embark upon our 5 week yoga challenge, or journey into the realm of yoga teacher training.

The name “Mangala” (Mahn-Gha-La) is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “holy” or “auspicious.” The word refers to new beginnings that have a favorable outcome. Auspicious beginnings give you the undoubted sense that you are on the right path; they are sacred, special and fully aligned.

Deeply influenced by the Hindu diety, Ganesha (the remover of obstacles), Mangala Yoga offers a propitious starting point for students to overcome obstacles, dive deep into self-discovery and align to their unique path (dharma).

Being the Change We Want to See

We believe in the power of individual transformation and have witnessed the ripple effects of personal work countless times. Student’s spouses become interested in juicing, coming to yoga or breathing differently. Individuals are inspired to be kinder to co-workers or their children.

Internal shifts are always the precursor to changes in our external reality…

And Mangala Yoga is designed to provide a safe, inviting and inspiring platform for students to do their inner work. We gratefully offer students the opportunity to realize their strength and discover true health and wholeness.


We welcome yoga students of all levels and provide a warm sense of community, knowledgeable and passionate teachers, and a wide range of classes and workshops you can grow with as you and your yoga practice evolve.

With over 50 yoga classes offered per week between our Haiku and Makawao locations, we offer geographic and scheduling flexibility for variations in your personal schedule. Our yoga classes include 3 different types of vinyasa, candlelight (yin/restorative), heated and sculpt vinyasa flow classes (in an infrared heated studio), and prenatal yoga.

Dedicated to spreading the benefits of yoga to as many individuals as possible, we consider our Yoga Alliance Accredited 200 and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings core to our “kuleana” (our responsibility and joy). Our Teacher Training programs immerse you in the philosophy, technique and sequencing behind our unique and highly sought-after Vinyasa Flow style. You will leave our teacher trainings with everything you need to embark upon your career as a confident and effective yoga teacher.

Additional offerings include intensive weekend workshops, our “5 Week Yoga Challenge,” and a fashionable retail boutique featuring the best in yoga wear and locally made jewelry. On-site body workers are also available with specialties in massage, physical therapy, cranial sacral, and more.

Through this breadth of offerings, we commit to meeting you exactly where you are today and invite you to live an extraordinary tomorrow!


Our Maui yoga studio is warm and welcoming, a place where both international and local yoga communities meet and grow. This is where knowledgeable and passionate teachers create yoga classes, workshops and trainings that keep you inspired. We will meet you exactly where you are today and invite you to live an extraordinary tomorrow.

Welcome to Mangala Yoga!