Insights from past trainings

Join us for the ultimate teacher training experience.

  • Tiffany
    Fall 2015 Graduate
    What a journey! So much love and appreciation for this experience. The transformations of the others and myself were amazing to witness and be a part of.  Truly honored to have been able to share this with everyone in this training and Mangala Yoga. When I first found yoga, I had no idea what it was, what meditation was, how to breath, or anything about yogic philosophy. I was merely interested in perfecting certain postures.  When I finally found Mangala Yoga my understanding of the practice completely shifted.  I am truly thankful to have found this humbling and inspiring practice, to be a part of the Mangala community, and continue to grow and learn with everyone along the way.   Thank you for the opportunity to allow this to be possible for myself and anyone else who is or may become interested in the future. ♡ The light and love in me - honors and reflects the light and love in all.  Namaste ॐ
  • Natasha
    Spring 2016 Graduate
    This experience has not only created change in my physical and mental body, but has enhanced my health and awareness of life. Mangala yoga can be seen as a school of life.  There is so much love and positive energy in the organization of this class. ♡ Thank You for creating such a beautiful space.
  • Kelli
    Spring 2016 Graduate
    I absolutely loved this experience!  It has truly changed my life. I feel reborn, softened, and balance. I can be who I really want and have always needed to be. I’ve been provided the tools and the inspiration from my teachers and fellow students to continue on this path of enlightenment and continue to better myself. I can't express how thankful I am.
  • Johnny
    Spring 2016 Graduate
    I can’t believe I was having second thoughts in taking this course. One of the best things I’ve done…EVER!! Maureen and Anita were a great team, such a professional course.  So glad I chose Mangala Yoga. 

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